Friday, November 30, 2012

While Corey deer hunts...

Last night as we were processing a deer that a friend shot and gave us, I was thinking to myself "what can I write a post about?" I know random what goes through my head. I thought maybe people would like to read what I do while the hubby aka Corey is out hunting. Well here it is... I would really love to be out with Corey hunting but, at 31 weeks pregnant that just really isn't an option for many reasons. Corey has been bow hunting for the past month or so which means early Saturday mornings. He gets up I see him off, let the dogs out for a quick potty, let them in and give them there breakfast, then I lay down on the couch for a bit or just get my day started. Then as I am doing stuff around the house I wait for the text. You know the one that says something to the effect of I got a deer come over to my parents with Corbin. Here is a picture of Corey's deer this year from bow season after I recieved one of the above text messages.
I know Corbin looks really freaked out in the picture but he didnt look that way at first. That look appeared after Corey tried to get him to touch the deer's head to feel how soft the hair is. Now while I wait for these text messages to come and I am doing the normal household chores and such I do like to do something fun....crafts! So here are a few of the crafts I have been working on that will be Christmas gifts or part of goodie baskets that we will be making to give to family and friends for Christmas. So if your our family or one of our friends please act suprised :) Thank you!
The stocking ornaments that I crocheted
My first quilt top that I made for our nephew So as I write this post I am waiting for the text message and now you know all the excitement that goes on at the Hilton household while Corey hunts. Exciting right???

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